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Conan Releases Soapy Promo Vid



    Conan Releases Soapy Promo Vid
    Conan O'Brien is wet and ready for his new gig.

    CoCo can work it too.

    With about a month to go until Conan O’Brien returns to late night on TBS, the comedian has released a sexually suggestive promo in the tradition of fast food commercials by Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian and Audrina Partridge, E! Online reports.

    The 30-second spot is set to the tune of “Pour Some Sugar on Me” by ‘80s rockers Def Leppard and features plenty of slow motion close-ups of O’Brien rubbing a soapy sponge all over his desk and naturally, himself.

    As the frenzy intensifies, O’Brien bites off a mouthful of the sponge and introduces a garden hose into the mix. Check out for yourself if the red-headed comic's hotness quotient approaches Hilton-Kardashian-Partridge levels.

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