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Cronkite Leaves Gal Pal Out of Will

Kin and coworkers stand to gain tens of thousands



    Cronkite Leaves Gal Pal Out of Will
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    Former CBS anchor Walter Cronkite testifies in 1991 before the US Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs concerning the Pentagon rules on media access to the Persian Gulf War. Cronkite said military escorts in the gulf are having a chilling effect on reporter's work.

    The most trusted man in America didn't leave his longtime gal pal a penny.

    Walter Cronkite divided up his estate among his three children and coworkers at CBS -- but left the longtime companion who spent the last four years of his life summering on the Vineyard and cruising in the waters off New England with the TV news legend high and dry, according to documents obtained by The New York Post.

    Former opera singer Joanna Simon was not included in the multi-million dollar will, which was written in 2005 before the pair began dating and included the proceeds from the sale of his seaside home in Martha's Vineyard and a 32-foot power boat, The Post reported.

    Cronkite, who left some memorabilia from his career to his alma mater the University of Texas, died at age 92 last month.

    "He was the most remarkable man who ever lived and the love of my life," Simon told The Post following his death.

    Cronkite's daughter, Nancy, told The Post that her father had never intended to put Simon in his will.

    "It was about my mother," Nancy told The Post. "Dad said to us, 'I don't want to marry Joanna out of respect for your mother, and I don't want to share my estate with her.'" 

    Cronkite's former wife, Betsy, died in 2005. His three children stand to inherit millions. His chief of staff at CBS and other aides will end up with tens of thousands of dollars.