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'Modern Family' Men Will Kiss



    'Modern Family' Men Will Kiss
    MODERN FAMILY - ABC's "Modern Family" stars Jesse Tyler Ferguson as Mitchell and Eric Stonestreet as Cameron. (ABC/BOB D'AMICO)

    The "Modern Family" guys will kiss on screen, but nobody will tell exactly when.

    When it happens, it will be part of a "very nice twist," the show's executive producer Steve Levitan said coyly at a pre-Emmy party in Los Angeles, wrote Hollywood Reporter.

    Levitan said a kissing scene between the show's gay couple, Cam and Mitchell, will happen "as part of the natural development of the show."

    A Facebook campaign developed recently, demanding a kiss between the two characters.

    Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who play Cam and Mitchell told E! that the kiss scene has already been shot.

    "It's a very organic kiss," Ferguson told E!  "People are going to be very surprised when they see it."

    The duo offered a sneak peek at a red carpet event on Friday.  "The kiss, not such a big deal," Stonestreet told Hollywood Reporter, "but we have been practicing the scene."

    Seminole County Sheriff's Office via Getty Images

    At which point the two puckered up and demonstrated for the press.

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