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Stephen Colbert IDs New Threat: "Stoned Pat Robertson"

"We must stop Pat before The 700 Club becomes The 420 Club."



    Stephen Colbert IDs New Threat: "Stoned Pat Robertson"
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    Stephen Colbert has identified a new national menace—and this time it isn't bears.

    Two weeks ago, cannabis enthusiasts got an unlikely new ally in the crusade for marijuana legalization: famed televangelist Pat Robertson, a Christian Right mainstay otherwise known for his decidedly non-progressive stances on feminism, homosexuality, abortion, and the Muslim faith.

    "It's time we stop locking up people for possession of marijuana," the 81-year-old broadcaster said on the Mar. 1 edition of "The 700 Club."

    On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert devoted one-third of his recurring "ThreatDown" segment to the ominous threat posed by a "stoned Pat Robertson."

    "We must stop Pat before 'The 700 Club' becomes 'The 420 Club,'" Colbert said, alluding to significant numerals in cannabis subculture.

    "Jesus said he would make you a fisher of men—not a Phish fan of men," he joked.

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