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The Comedy of Kim Jong Il

Humor, at times, seemed the best defense against the fearsome North Korean dictator. Somewhere, Team America is laughing…



    The Comedy of Kim Jong Il
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    Kim Jong Il was a frequent target of satire.

    Hitler, perhaps he worst villain of the previous century, was lampooned in everything from political cartoons to Bugs Bunny shorts – though the biggest comedic takedown came more than two decades after his death, courtesy of Mel Brooks in “The Producers.” More recently, Parker and Stone put Saddam Hussein in hell, portraying him as Satan’s manipulative lover in “South Park” in the movies and on TV, long before the Iraqi dictator was hanged.
    Kim's death, no doubt, will spur a final round of jokes, from Jon Stewart, et al. The future in unstable North Korea remains unclear – but we can be pretty sure that somewhere, Team America is chuckling. Check out some clips of Kim getting skewered over the years (warning: NSFW in spots) and join in on the last laughs.


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