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True Blood: Oh My Godric!

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    True Blood: Oh My Godric!

    After Lorena bites Bellhop Barry and gets too close to Sookie's secret, Bill finally knocks her cold and heads to the Fellowship, where Eric and Sookie -- with Jason, who is fine because Sarah only shot him with a paintball gun because she has gone crazy -- are in the middle of a nightmare.

    You've got the Fellowship congregation, the Soldiers of the Sun summoned during Eric and Sookie's escape. Everybody stands around yelling their various agendas and acting like idiots, Eric gets chained to the altar at one point, and then on top of all this, Stan shows up with an army of tacky Dallas vampires.

    The ensuing massacre is aborted by Godric's command, not that Steve's swayed by his awesomeness, and then there's a big party at Godric's house to celebrate his return to the fold (and Jason's return to sanity). Godric stays sad and cagey about his feeding habits, why he ended up at the Fellowship, and what his next plans are for vampire-human reconciliation. Eric spends most of the episode doing handstands for his attention regardless.

    Due to the drama, Bill sends Jessica and Hoyt home to Bon Temps -- not really the best place for tender youngsters, but he doesn't know that. She's grossed out, but he is of course just as sweet as pie about it.

    Hey, speaking of pie, Maryann makes one with Daphne's heart after stashing her body in the Merlotte's walk-in freezer. So now Sam's in jail -- no thanks to Andy, who tries to get him to corroborate the dollhouse-giant pig-claw monster-bull lady-devil orgy story -- and Tara and Eggs, after eating Daphne Pot Pie, are pushing past acceptable limits. Which in this case means beating the hell out of each other, having sex, and doing both at the same time.

    Isabel brings Hugo to Godric for justice, but Godric lets him go, and then Lorena shows up to start something with Sookie -- who obliges like it's Springer -- but eventually Godric tells her to get lost too. He tries to explain that the last 2000 years haven't made vampires better people any more than they have humans, but nobody's really listening. After a flirty, manipulative aside with Eric, Jason tries to apologize to Bill for the last few months of racism, and ends up freaking him out even worse with a giant sweet Stackhouse bearhug. Then Luke shows up and goes suicide bomber on everybody.

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