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Week in Preview: Mad Men, Monk and Top Chef Masters

Premiere of "Mad Men" tonight



    Week in Preview: Mad Men, Monk and Top Chef Masters
    The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived, and Mad Men (AMC, 10 PM) is finally returning for the premiere of season 3!

    The moment we've all been waiting for has arrived, and Mad Men (AMC, 10 PM) is finally returning for the premiere of season 3! Will Betty officially take Don back now that she's preggers? Will Pete shoot himself with that fancy rifle now that he knows he's a baby daddy? Will the Russians bomb Sterling Cooper before PP&L can take over? Only time will tell!

    The premise of this show has been done before, but maybe the third time's a charm. Check out the series premiere of Reality Hell (E!, 10:45 PM) and watch as one poor, unsuspecting soul embarrasses his or herself while "competing" on a fake reality show.

    Tonight marks the first time we get to watch 13 women compete to win the heart of Antonio Sabato Jr. on My Antonio (VH1, 10 PM). Oh, and one of them is his ex-wife. And his mom is there to help choose. Basically, there's not much else that could make this more hilarious.

    Seriously, who hasn't P. Diddy made a star? Also, isn't he going by just "Diddy" right now? I can't keep up. Anyway, P. Diddy's Starmaker (MTV, 10 PM) premieres tonight and you might want to start watching now because eventually Lady Gaga is going to be a guest judge.

    Monday, August 17, 2009

    Glenn Martin DDS (Nick at Nite, 8 PM) is a new animated show about a troubled dentist taking a family road trip. Yeah, it sounds kind of weird, but Kevin Nealon, Catherine O'Hara, and Judy Greer all have starring voiceovers. Plus tonight they start off their trip in Amish Country.

    According to the preview for tonight's Make It or Break It (ABC Family, 9 PM), "promises are shattered and deception takes its toll!" Will Carter finally admit to Kaylee that he cheated on her? Will Lauren find out where her drug addict mother is? More importantly, will someone please punch Lauren in the face?

    Top Gear (BBC America, 8 PM) is not a boring show about cars -- at least that's what they say on the press release. Tonight's season premiere features the Aston Martin V8 Vantage, BMW M6 and Porsche 911. I don't know anything about cars but those sound fast and pretty to me.

    Tuesday, August 18, 2009

    On the season finale of HawthoRNe (TNT, 9 PM), Christina tries to get David a spot in a new clinical trial, Candy has big news for Ray, and Kelly says goodbye to a patient. Oh, and Isabel tries to get back Bobbie's leg after selling it on the street. No big deal.

    Miami Social (Bravo, 9 PM) ends its ridiculously short run tonight with an awkward first date, a pressured engagement, the finalization of a divorce, and the onset of alcoholism. All that and even time for a few commercial breaks!

    The economy is hitting everyone hard -- even house flipper Jeff Lewis. On this season of Flipping Out (Bravo, 10 PM), Jeff will have to occupy himself during a collapsed real estate market by playing gay BFF to assistant Jenni and housekeeper Zoila. Tune into the premiere tonight to watch the coping process begin.

    Wednesday, August 19, 2009

    It's a gastronomic evening on Bravo with the season premiere of Top Chef (Bravo, 9 PM), straight from Las Vegas. Follow up this no doubt sinfully delicious experience with the conclusion of the first season of Top Chef Masters (Bravo, 10:15 PM), during which there will be an epic battle for fridge space... and someone goes blind! Just kidding, but there is a blind taste test challenge.

    A new season of Ghost Hunters (SyFy, 9 PM) starts tonight, you know, if you're into that sorta thing.

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Although it'll be far less enjoyable without Christian involved, it's definitely worth checking out the Project Runway: All Star Challenge (Lifetime, 8 PM), featuring some of our former faves such as Santino, Jeffrey Sebelia, Sweet P, and Korto. Follow it up with the season premiere of Project Runway (Lifetime, 10 PM), unless you're planning to boycott the show now that it (shamefully) takes place in LA.

    If three hours of fashion still isn't enough, stay tuned for the series premiere of Models of the Runway (Lifetime, 11 PM). At this point in the night you'll probably be feeling ugly and untalented, but maybe this one will at least convince you of your intelligence?

    All that "I'm not in a hospital so I can break the rules" comes back to bite Hank when his medical license is threatened on tonight's episode of Royal Pains (USA, 10 PM). While he's away, Divya has to take charge of a patient, but really we're just wondering when she's going to take charge of Evan in the bedroom.

    Friday, August 21, 2009

    The hosts of What Not to Wear UK take a trip across the pond for Making Over America with Trinny & Susannah (TLC, 10 PM). Their first stop is Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, which is apparently the summer vacation capital of the country. Ahh yes, there's nowhere like a trashy beach town to make you want to help the fashion-challenged.

    On tonight's episode of Monk (USA, 9 PM), Mr. Monk is someone else. I don't know who, but that's the title of the episode. Pay close attention tonight as the new Web series prequel will make its debut.