6 Ways to Improve Your Golf Game - NBC Bay Area

Take notes, golfers. Mariah Stackhouse, four year All-American Stanford athlete turned pro, and Brandon Harkins, pro golfer currently playing on the Web.com Tour, are about to walk you through six essential skills for success on the fairway. These tips will have you playing with the pros in no time.

Tip 1: The Bump-N-Run

Do you find success on the fairway, but struggle on the green? Read the green with ease using Mariah Stackhouse's go-to putting strategy.

Tip 2: Rock Your Shoulders

Trouble on the green? Let these pros teach you how it's done with 6 quick tips - free!

Tip 3: Take a Wide Stance

Many people are intimidated by their drivers, but Mariah Stackhouse has pointers to keep you confident and calm as you own your long distance shots.

Tip 4: Accelerate into the Ball

Hazards throughout the golf course lead to tricky situations. Next time you're stuck in a bunker, follow Brandon Harkins' advice about utilizing the wedge and trusting your momentum as you make contact with the ball.

Tip 5: Putting Drills

They say practice makes perfect, and this is the practice drill that will make your putting game perfect.

Tip 6: Shift Your Focus

Wish you could navigate the course more fluently? Chipping is a simple way to boost your game, and it requires focus beyond the ball.