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To an outsider, today’s flourishing startup scene might look like Gold Rush 2.0. But the reality to startup success is far less glamorous and far more practical. Turns out that an innovative idea and a lot of hard work remain the keys to success. Meaning today’s tech entrepreneur needs to live and breathe his or her business.

The trick is staying organized. Luckily, there’s a plethora of platforms, apps and other services at your disposal to keep you on top of the myriad tasks dotting your to do list.

That’s why NBC BAY AREA's The Entrepreneur spoke to five of San Francisco’s most exciting startup CEOs to see what three services help them stay ahead in both business and life. 

Mark Gainey, CEO/co-founder of GPS cycling and running platform Strava

Asana: My go-to app for all to-do lists and project management. I keep it super easy -- lists in various categories that I can check off when complete. Always feels good to complete a list!

Slack: Our primary mode for communication inside Strava. I tend to review channels late at night. It is indispensable for connecting with teams and individuals within the company.

Strava: How could I not include my favorite app of all time? Keeps me connected to my friends, keeps me pushing and is always entertaining!

Alejandro Resnik (left), CEO/co-founder of pre-owned car marketplace Beepi

DoorDash: I’ve been guilty of getting so immersed in a project that I miss a meal. DoorDash allows me to order food from my favorite local restaurants, arriving at my office in minutes.

Zendesk: provides deep insights into our customers’ satisfaction and challenges. It lets me connect with my customers in one touch, so I can understand real time trends and lead the team in making important changes.

Nest Cam: In addition to being the CEO of Beepi, my proudest role is father of two little girls. I use Nest Cam to check in on my kids and watch them grow while I’m working late or traveling.

Ari Roisman, CEO/co-founder of live video-messaging app Glide

Sunrise: The interface and simplicity of this calendar app makes it easy to toggle between day and month views, and the design is generally intuitive. Plus, with one tap, I can quickly email a group, which is a feature that I use quite a bit.

Inbox by Gmail: Thanks to features [like highlighting an email’s important information and sending you reminders], Inbox literally turns your email into a to do list. It has a clear interface, and I like the gestures that resemble those from the old Mailbox app.

Glide: Because we don’t require users to be online simultaneously, Glide is perfect for enabling me to stay in touch with my team and family. My wife and kids can message me from California and it'll be there waiting for me to watch and respond to when I wake up in Israel.

Walker Williams (right), CEO/co-founder of custom t-shirt platform Teespring

Boomerang: By reminding me when I don't receive replies, Boomerang allows me to keep the chaos of my Gmail inbox organized. I never have to think about following up on unanswered emails or worrying that something important will fall through the cracks.

Evernote: I’m a big notes taker, whether I'm in a meeting or I'm out getting coffee and have an idea. I used to use the pen and paper approach, but found that organizing my scribbles into cohesive thoughts later was frustrating. Evernote changed my workflow by turning my phone into a mobile notebook and allowing me to search, tag and sort my notes.

Lyft and Uber: My life would be entirely different without on-demand transportation. It gives me flexibility I wouldn't otherwise have, and also allows me to optimize my time. No more getting a taxi 30 minutes in advance in case it's late, or watching time evaporate while navigating the subway.

Jamie Pardi (right), CEO/Chairman of CRM platform FanCompass

Google Suite: Given my travel schedule, I would be lost without Google. Not because their maps are so dialed in, but because they manage/synch my mail, have Google Analytics for our digital efforts, Google Voice for quick answers, Google Docs for remote organizational collaborating and sharing, and most importantly keep my calendar synched across timezones.

City National Bank: Of all the banks I have worked with or met with, CNB knows and caters to my lifestyle, tech startups and entrepreneurs. Their credit cards get me into the best lounges at airports and their service staff visits my office to pick up checks or drop off contracts to sign etc. They truly make banking easy.

Uber: My business requires me to travel domestically and internationally. Time is something I don’t have a lot of so when pickups happen sub-10 minutes after a request is made in just about every city I go to, I become that much more efficient and effective.

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