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'Gilmore Girls Holiday' Returns to WB Studio Tour

Visit the charming town from the series on the Warner Bros. backlot.



    'Gilmore Girls Holiday' Returns to WB Studio Tour
    Warner Bros. Studio Tour
    Return to the twinkly world of the fictional and fabulous Stars Hollow over the 2019, via the Warner Bros. Studio Hollywood Tour.

    Perhaps you've got a sassy quip to deliver in any humorous situation.

    Maybe you're prone to wearing scarves, and knitted hats, when the first fall leaves begin to change color.

    And, probably, you remain a steadfast fan of "Gilmore Girls," the cozy, witty, heart-brimful series that first debuted nearly two decades ago on The WB.

    How, though, can you visit Stars Hollow, the beautiful fictional burg seen in the series?

    By buying a ticket for the Warner Bros. Studio Tour in Hollywood, Calif. from Dec. 21 through Jan. 5.

    For "Gilmore Girls Holiday," a celebration of the show, will be added to the popular tour during the fa, la, la-ish timeframe, all to give fans a chance to call upon Lorelai's house, Luke's Diner, and other sets seen in the show.

    The experience debuted in 2018, and instantly proved to be popular with Gilmore mavens.

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    In addition to seeing some of the spots from the series, tour guests "... can also enjoy some of Lorelai's favorite eats including pizza, hot dogs, Pop Tarts, coffee and more."

    Your studio tour ticket, which is $69, is your way into this whimsical happening, but note that both the Classics Made Here Tour and Deluxe Tour will call upon the backlot-based Stars Hollow happening.

    For sure, you'll be able to step inside Lorelai's house. You won't find her comfy couch there, and other stylish decorations, but you can purchase "Gilmore Girls" merchandise.

    Given its over-Christmas and over-New-Year's dates, count on plenty of out-of-towners making this a must-visit during their LA stay. Translation? Best alight on a ticket faster than Lorelai reaches for a freshly brewed cup of joe.