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NBC Bay Area Wins Big At Northern California RTNDA Awards



    NBC Bay Area Wins Big At Northern California RTNDA Awards

    The 32nd Annual Radio-Television News Directors Association of Northern California (NorCal RTNDA) awards were announced Wednesday and NBC Bay Area was the big winner in TV. NBC Bay Area received 6 awards, more than any other TV station. 

    NorCal RTNDA plaques are awarded to television and radio newsrooms in Northern California and Reno.
    Among the winners were: Investigative Reporter Vicky Nguyen who received 4 awards, including Best News Reporting, Investigative Reporter Jenna Susko who won for Investigative Reporting, and Traffic Reporter Mike Inouye who won in the category of Traffic-Segment for the second year in a row.
    Investigative Reporting 
    KNTV NBC BAY AREA, “Free Time Off,” Jenna Susko, Julie Putnam, Jeremy Carroll, 
    Matt Goldberg 
    Judges comments: Very informative series of reports highlighting issues in local 
    government. Excellent research and use of documents to tell a story. 
    Multi-Part Series 
     KNTV NBC BAY AREA, “Giving a Voice to the Voiceless: Exposing ADA Abuses,” 
    Vicky Nguyen, Kevin Nious, Jeremy Carroll, Felipe Escamilla 
    Judges comments: Finally, an undercover sting of abusers of handicapped placards that 
    leads to ACTION. 
    Stories: Handicap Placard Abuse
    Handicap Placard Crackdown
    Phony Service Dogs
    News Reporting 
    KNTV NBC BAY AREA, “Emergency Responders: Driven to Distraction,” Vicky Nguyen, 
    Kevin Nious, Jeremy Carroll, Matt Goldberg 
    Judges comments: Thorough investigation. Well told, shot and edited. Nicely done. 
    Feature Reporting-Serious 
    KNTV NBC BAY AREA, “Medical Information Black Market,” Vicky Nguyen, Kevin Nious, 
    Jeremy Carroll, Matt Goldberg 
    Judges comments: Important topic and good information everyone should know. Good 
    job tracking down the "go-between" in Costa Rica and getting him to talk. 
    Specialty Reporting
    KNTV NBC BAY AREA, “Cons, Tricks, and Scams,” Vicky Nguyen, Julie Putnam, 
    Kevin Nious, Jeremy Carroll, Mark Villarreal 
    Judges comments: Each of these stories was unique and exposed a problem I had not seen 
    before. They felt original, not recycled ideas from other markets. Well done. 
     KNTV NBC BAY AREA, “All Trafficked Up,” Mike Inouye 
    Judges comments: Traffic from all angles: Helicopter, Live Shots, Fixed Traffic Camera 
    plus informative maps and graphics. Good information for commuters 

    Click here for a full list of winners