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Internal Memo: PG&E Years Away from Substation Security

Internal Memo: PG&E Years Away from Substation Security

Publicly, PG&E has worked to build confidence in its commitment to safety and security, especially when it comes to securing the power grid. But an internal PG&E memo obtained by the Investigative Unit reveals contradictions... Read More

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Aug 25, 2014
Response to Power Station Attack Criticized

Response to Power Station Attack Criticized

Members of the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office who responded to a major attack on San Jose’s Metcalf substation last year are now speaking out about what they call botched decisions in the hours following the incident. They say Read More

Sep 19, 2014
Long After Attack, PG&E Security Still Lacking

Long After Attack, PG&E Security Still Lacking

NBC Bay Area drove 1,600 miles and made 14 unannounced visits to nine of PG&E’s largest and most critical substations to put the corporation’s promise of enhanced security to the test. Chief Investigative Reporter Tony Kovaleski... Read More

Sep 23, 2014
Former Govt. Powerbrokers Criticize PG&E

Former Govt. Powerbrokers Criticize PG&E

An NBC Bay Area undercover investigation exposed potential security vulnerabilities in Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s protection of the electric grid. Now, a former director of the CIA and a past federal energy regulator conclude... Read More

Nov 20, 2014
Critics Call for Investigation into PG&E Substation Security

Critics Call for Investigation into PG&E Substation Security

Critics say the California Public Utilities Commission has the power and responsibility to demand accountability from PG&E about the security of its critical electric substations. This comes after an NBC Bay Area undercover... Read More

Mar 20, 2015
PG&E Upgrades Security at Substation

PG&E Upgrades Security at Substation

An attack on a South Bay electrical substation moved San Jose into the national spotlight. The still unanswered question—was the attack a trial run by potential terrorists? After nearly two years, PG&E has made significant... Read More

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