Off Track: Examining California's High-Speed Rail Project

NBC Bay Area’s Investigative Unit has spent months examining the reality behind California’s High-Speed Rail Project, its promises and its shortcomings. Beginning with questions about disputed invoices in early 2019 and continuing with questions about construction timelines and project deliverables, these series of stories track the progress and lack of progress on the multi-billion dollars project and are among the first to expose overspending, underperformance and the reality behind how the public’s tax dollars are being spent on what originally was billed as a way to get from San Francisco to Los Angeles in just about the amount of time it would take to fly.

California High-Speed Rail’s Future in Question

Mounting costs, questionable spending and flawed decision making were exposed in an audit obtained by the Investigative Unit.

Disputed Charges and Questionable Billing, Following the Money Behind High-Speed Rail

Financial records reviewed by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit show the project has been on shaky ground for years, dealing with cost overruns and bills for work that was never performed. See the full story here

Bullet Train Construction Delays Put State Funding for Other Infrastructure Projects in Jeopardy

Bullet Train Construction Delays Put State Funding for Other Infrastructure Projects in Jeopardy. See the full story here

Lawmaker Calls for Attorney General to Probe High-Speed Rail After NBC Bay Area Investigation Uncovers Underperformance and Overspending

A California lawmaker called for an official probe into the state’s high-speed rail project in response to an NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit probe into overspending and underperformance at California’s High-Speed Rail Authority. See the full story here

Unacceptable: Legislators Shoot Down High-Speed Rail Line from Merced to Bakersfield

As the estimated price tag to connect the Bay Area and Southern California balloons north of $80 billion, the California High-Speed Rail Authority believes this new "building block" approach will give the state more time to raise funds and expand the system. But critics and even supporters of high-speed rail are less convinced, saying this isn’t what the public signed up for. See the full story here

Examining Political Battle Over CA's High-Speed Rail Probe

The state filed suit against the federal government demanding the feds honor their commitment to fund construction of California’s High-Speed Rail. President Trump wants to pull out of the deal because the project has been scaled back and is way behind schedule.

Probe to Examine Alleged ‘Sweetheart Deals’ Tied to California High-Speed Rail Project

The top private contractor for California's High-Speed Rail project now finds itself at the center of a state investigation for allegedly giving sweetheart deals. This is just the latest development in problems between High-Speed Rail and the private contractor that is running the project — problems first exposed by NBC Bay Area's Investigative Unit. See the full story here

An Explanation for WHY California Still Doesn’t Have High-Speed Rail

More than a decade after California voters approved nearly $10 Billion to build a bullet train from San Francisco to Los Angeles, no tracks have been laid and no trains run. But billions of dollars HAVE been spent and the project is in trouble of ending without ever reaching the vision approved by voters. How and why did California get to this point? Watch here to get an explanation.

High-Speed Rail CEO Brian Kelly: How the Bullet Train Can Get Back on Track

For the first time since taking over as CEO, Brian Kelly believes the High-Speed Rail project is finally heading in the right direction. See the full story here

Promises Not Kept? Some Small Businesses Say High-Speed Rail Has Cost Rather Than Benefited Them

The promise of an economic windfall for small businesses has instead put a handful of companies on the brink of financial ruin. See the full story here

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