Derailed Sep 24, 2020

Behind Season 2 of Our Digital Series ‘DERAILED'

Q&A with Digital Correspondent Abbey Fernández and Senior Investigative Reporter Bigad Shaban on season 2 of NBC Bay Area’s digital series ‘Derailed.’ You can binge watch season ...

  • Derailed Sep 11, 2020

    Back in the Day: A look at BART Before and After the Pandemic

    This “digital extra” provides a unique glimpse into life on BART before and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

  • bart Feb 22

    BART ‘DERAILED': The Pandemic, Financial Fallout, and Racial Reckoning

    The NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit spent more than a year recording on BART, interviewing passengers, and questioning top transit officials to find out how a once world-class transportation system got derailed.

  • Derailed Jan 1, 2020

    BART ‘DERAILED' Season 1 Ch. 1: All Aboard

    An analysis by the NBC Bay Area Investigative Unit reveals BART has a higher rate of violent crime than transportation systems in New York City, Los Angeles, D.C., and Atlanta. The Investigative Unit spent months recording on BART to understand how a once renowned transportation system got off track and transformed into one of the most dangerous in...
  • Derailed Jan 1, 2020

    BART ‘DERAILED' Season 1 Ch. 2: The Train Has Left the Station

    Building the original BART system took five years and $1.6 billion. The transportation network was unveiled in the early 1970s with much fanfare, but in recent years, the agency has lost the public’s trust after a string of high profile passenger deaths. Senior Investigative Reporter Bigad Shaban reports in Chapter 2 of DERAILED.

  • Derailed Jan 1, 2020

    BART ‘DERAILED' Season 1 Ch. 3: End of the Line

    BART Interim Police Chief Ed Alvarez acknowledges his police force of roughly 170 officers is not large enough to adequately protect passengers. He hopes to hire about 100 additional officers over the next five years, but that is contingent on receiving significantly more funding for his department. Senior Investigative Reporter Bigad Shaban report...
  • Derailed Jan 1, 2020

    BART ‘DERAILED' Season 1 Ch. 4: Blind Turn

    For months, the NBC Bay Area Investigative has sought to obtain BART surveillance videos that were used to close more than 100 criminal cases. BART has refused to release the fotage and faces allegations of lacking transparency in light of its record of withholding police reports and surveillance video. Senior Investigative Reporter Bigad Shaban re...
  • Derailed Jan 1, 2020

    BART ‘DERAILED' Season 1 Ch. 5: Full Steam Ahead

    BART’s new General Manager Bob Powers has a long term safety plan to boost the agency’s police force by about 100 officers and install new barriers at each of BART’s 48 stations. But it’s unclear whether the agency will be able to secure the millions of dollars necessary to make those changes and protect passengers. Senior Investigative Reporter Bi...
  • Jan 17, 2020

    BART ‘DERAILED' Season 1 Ch. 6: Tunnel Vision

    NBC Bay Area reports on several major developments since the initial release of our investigation into BART, including an outpouring of viewer comments detailing bizarre, uncomfortable, and dangerous situations on BART. Just days after the Investigative Unit launched the series — which exposed serious safety concerns — a passenger was killed on BAR...
  • bart May 29, 2020

    Investigating BART Life: A Behind-The-Story Look at Our ‘DERAILED' Digital Series

    In this installment of “Hey Abbey,” digital correspondent Abbey Fernandez meets up with Bigad Shaban and Kevin Nious of our investigative unit, two of the creators of our “Derailed” series into problems at BART. They go behind-the-story to to discuss how the series was produced, what they’ve learned and what’s n...
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