Apr 27, 2013

Mortgage Mess: Questionable Documents

Thousands of Bay Area homeowners are fighting in court to save their homes from a foreclosure system rife with mistakes,mismanagement and even fraud. This is the third is a series of reports in a join...

  • Apr 25, 2013

    WEB EXTRA: Interview with Phil Ting

    Assemblyman Phil Ting commissioned an audit of San Francisco’s property records when he was the city and county assessor-recorder and found that 84 percent of foreclosures reviewed had apparent violations of the law. Here, he discusses the importance of clean and clear mortgage and loan documentation.

  • Apr 25, 2013

    WEB EXTRA: Interview with Adam Levitin

    A Harvard and Georgetown law professor, Adam Levitin studies and analyzes the country s mortgage and foreclosure landscape. Here, he speaks about the mortgage servicing side of the industry.

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