Veteran Golden Gate Transit Driver Fired Over Threatening Fliers

Getty Images

A longtime Golden Gate Bridge transit driver has been fired after an internal investigation concluded he was responsible for posting fliers threatening to “exterminate” co-workers at two transit facilities in San Rafael, bridge district officials said Friday.

Denis Mulligan, general manager for the Golden Gate Bridge, Highway and Transportation District, said Friday that the unidentified 21-year veteran worker was terminated on Wednesday after he was identified on video as taping up the fliers at the district’s San Rafael transit center and a nearby bus yard and officials confirmed his badge was used to access the area.

“We ascertained clearly who did it,” Mulligan said, adding that the authority notified San Rafael police of the case, which Mulligan said the district took very seriously.

The fliers threaten to target ten transit workers denounced as “scabs” with “agonizing discomfort and distress” for refusing to pay union dues.

“If you read the flier, it is clearly offensive, it’s clearly threatening, and it names specific employees and that’s clearly grounds to terminate an employee, so that is what we have done,” Mulligan said, “he is fired and he no longer works for us.”

Mulligan said that while the authority is increasing security around its facilities in San Rafael, “we don’t feel there is any threat to our employees.”

San Rafael Police Lt. Dan Fink confirmed that a separate criminal investigation involving the threats is under way.

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