10/19: One Man Becomes the Body of Science

Plus, the documentary film fest and new wave indie

experimental man

THE HUMAN GUINEA PIG: Author and journalist David Ewing Duncan has examined his life through dissecting his body. As The Experimental Man he's looked into every detail of his body, from harmful chemical toxins to millions of genetic markers. With his results, he tells a story too captivating to miss. Tonight at the Atlas Cafe, 7-9 p.m.

These next days will definitely inspire you to go crazy filming real life. Tonight catch a filim at the 8th annual San Francisco Documentary Festival at the Roxie Cinema. See a film like Vanessa Gould's Between the Folds. Maybe the next Michael Moore is hidden away in the bay.

DIGITAL LEATHER: Shawn Foree, aka Digital Leather, has finally released an official studio album of his new wave synth-punk sounds. Head to the Stork Club at 8 p.m. to see one of the latest indie sensations, along with Yussuf Jeruslaem and Thomas Function.


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