10/27: Opera Goes Wilde With Biblical Sex Triangles

Plus, Selene Luna's one-woman show and the ultimate fashion throw down

WILDE ABOUT THE OPERA: Considered scandalous when it premiered a century ago with its provocative "Dance of the Seven Veils," Richard Strauss' adaptation of Oscar Wilde's Salome has not lost its ability to shock. Set in Biblical times, this erotically charged opera centers on a tangled triangle: the persecuted John the Baptist, a lecherous King Herod and the monarch's pathologically seductive stepdaughter, Salome. Watch the drama unfold at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House at 8 p.m.

LOVELY LITTLE LUNA: A small body can make a big comedic punch. If you're ready to laugh, head to the Dark Room Theater at 8 p.m. to see Selene Luna's one-woman show, "I Don't Care Anymore". Long time pal of Margaret Cho with an extensive resume, Luna is sure to entertain.

Scion brings the thrill of Project Runway-esque style competition to Mighty tonight. Designers Julia Meeks and Chanel Rosales will compete on stage in Fashion Feud, where designers are given one hour to create an ensemble and send it down the runway. When faced with a battle like this, there is only one thing that can be said: make it work.


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