1/11: Inglourious Basterds and Beer

Plus, a Triple-Sec bartending contest and 1920's get downs on film

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GLOURIOUS: The Independent usually presents musical concerts, but tonight at Cinema Drafthouse they're screening Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino's multi-lingual, ridiculously revised, epic film World War II, and serving up frosty glasses of beer. Come out at 7:30 or they'll sick The Bear Jew on you....

GASP...IS THAT GRANDMA?: Since Tarantino's taking you to Germany in the 40s, let the Red Vic Movie House take you to the secret dark side of France a few decades earlier. Tonight watch the last screenings of The Good Old Naughty Days, an expose or pornography in the roaring 20s. Quite different from the skin flicks of today, these clips are heavy on the humor and quite shocking. Showings at 7, 8:30, and 10 p.m. at the Red Vic Movie House. [SFWeekly]

BARTENDING CONTEST: Some battles are lose-lose, but when bartenders compete everybody wins! Tonight at Rye, 10 local bottle-slingers are having a mix-off, their weapon of choice: triple sec. RSVP to greg@ryesf.com or call 415-786-7803 to enjoy the spoils. The battle begins at 7 p.m. [7x7]


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