11/10: Saul Williams & Walter Robinson

Spoken word, an art display, and a Lit & Lunch event

Simone Boyd, Brandon Morris
Catharine Clark Gallery

SPOKEN WORD HEARD:  Open your ears for a genre-crossing gathering of fabulous poets and orators. Afro-Punk presents Saul Williams & Guests, "The Niggy Tardust Experience" tonight at the Independent. Attend and witness just how far the English language can go when it starts on Willams' tongue.

FOUND IN TRANSLATION: Join the Center for the Art of Translation for this "Lit & Lunch" event. Breon Mitchell will read from his excellent new English translation of The Tin Drum by Günter Grass, discuss why it was important to give readers a second translation of The Tin Drum, and talk about the unique collaboration with Grass that made such a daunting work possible.

LOCO FOR LOGOS: Head to the Catharine Clark Gallery for the exhibit Walter Robinson: [sic]. Robinson's approach is quite unique, yet Warhol reminiscent. "I use my work to investigate the ways that we create identities out of the products we consume," he says in his statement. Catch some of his seductive color saturation 12-6 p.m.


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