11/15: Legendary Mark Murphy, Comedic Amy Sedaris

Buy tickets to marvel at others' well-honed skills and talents? Alone on a stage, baring what they have, so we can be entertained? Tonight has a double-header of opportunities for us.

Amy Sedaris, possibly the funnier of the Sedaris siblings, is at the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House: Herbst Theatre tonight at 8pm, to have a conversation -- and few inappropriate laughs, hopefully -- with Paul Lancour.

She's a veteran of Second City, Annoyance Theater and "Strangers with Candy" -- a cult series where Stephen Colbert also got his first real national comedy exposure.

Across the Bay isMark Murphy

-- possibly the best jazz singer you'll need to get reacquainted with. He's belting it out atYoshi's

on the Embarcadero tonight.

Legendary spot that it is, you can add Murphy to your must-sees at Yoshi's. Songs with a twist of dark humor, self-reflecting irony and just straight-up sadness -- Murphy's repertoire is immense.

He's headlining his own festival, starting tonight. Love Fest, indeed. Tix are $25.

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