11/16: Kinetics and West Side stories

In Oakland, specifically, or anywhere, in general, we could all use a boost in our workouts.

If you already know what 'kinetic' means, then you're ready for some Rope and Tissue work at the Kinetic Arts Center in Oakland.

Kinetics is the branch of mechanics that deals with the actions of forces in producing or changing the motion of masses, according to dictionary.com (impress your friends). 

From 7-8:30pm tonight you can get your workout on: "Rope & Tissue training with Rain Willson will get you off the ground, learning tricks and improving your strength and flexibility at the same time. This class is open to Mixed Levels." Call (510) 444-4800 to reserver your spot.


It's a story we all know well. It's a story worth seeing again. It's the West Side Story, on stage.

The Orpheum Stage is in the middle of its production of this live-theater classic. That means they've gotten their chops, offering a kickin' show.

It's a love story; it's ... "More than fifty years ago, a show about New York City changed musical theatre forever. Now, it's come home to make history once again. Next Fall, WEST SIDE STORY journeys to San Francisco in a groundbreaking new production directed by its legendary librettist, Tony Award winner Arthur Laurents."

Tickets start at $30.

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