1/12: The Puppets Get Real on Avenue Q

Plus, a devilish art exhibit and upgrades for all your old toys

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BAD MUPPETS: Singing puppet shows have never been so real. The smash-hit Broadway musical Avenue Q is about trying to make it in NYC with big dreams and a tiny bank account. Catch the show's first night in the Bay Area at Broadway San Jose at 7:30 p.m.

The Department of Art & Art History at Stanford University is ready to show off it's newbies. Enjoy works in diverse media at Devil-May-Care, an exhibit constructed by Stanford's first year MFA students. See how the brainiacs take on history's number one trickster in delightful and though-proking works of art.

UPGRADE YOUR TOYS: Think your Mr. Potato Head could use a makeover? Well head to Lily Black's Toy Modification class at 1AM SF. The class introduces basic model techniques, tools, paints, weathering, kit mashing, and more. Bring your old toys and leave with some brand new ones. [Fecal Face]

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