11/24: Warren G and Free Tequila

Plus, everyone's favorite drunk activity - karaoke!

warren g
The Independet

REGULATE: It was a clear black night, a clear white moon, when lyrical genius and flow virtuoso Warren G came to the bay. Although he's been mainly producing lately, tonight you have the chance to see him perform at the Independent. The show begins at 9 p.m.

ONE TEQUILA: Two tequila, three tequila, floor! If the old rhyme is true, you'll be passed out tonight at 15 Romolo's Tequila Tasting & Taco Night. From 6 to 9 p.m., taste five different tequilas and enjoy a mariachi band, quesadillas, and carnitas tacos -- for free! [funcheapSF]

ALL TOGETHER NOW: There's nothing like the particular kind of drunken joy and embarrassment found in karaoke videos. Tonight, enjoy the group humiliation at the Cinematheque Sing Along, a quirky mix of music videos to drink and croon to. Let your inner Mariah Carey loose at the Make Out Room at 7 p.m.

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