1/14: Nat’l Pastrami Day & Hugh Leeman


January 14th is National Hot Pastrami Day. One way to celebrate this "wonderful holiday" is with the Pastrami King at his favorite local deli - Miller's East on Polk Street. I will be there with my crown and cape to say "Hi!" and take some pictures.

Some other pastrami huts: Max's Opera Plaza; Lucca; California Street Deli.

Any others? Pop 'em in the comments box.


Self-taught Hugh Leeman at Lower Hater tonight, 7-10pm:

"Hugh Leeman is a self taught, San Francisco based artist. His gallery work has been exhibited in New York, San Francisco and at The Museum of Mexico City. Recognized for his gallery portraiture which captures in raw emotion the lives of his subjects whom he meets on the inner city streets. Though best known for his street art which has adorned walls from Varanasi, India to Indiana and from New York, London, and the divided Palestinian Territories to Bogota, Colombia. Most recently Leeman created the first ever MLK mural overlooking his historic birth house.

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