12/23-27: Machine Shop Jazz Melodies and Christmas Cheer

Plus, a delightful bubble show, extravagant jewels, line dancing class and more

BUBBLE MANIA: There is nothing quite like the childlike joy of blowing bubbles and there is definitely nothing like revisiting that joy at The Greatest Bubble Show on Earth. This Sunday at the Marsh you will witness extraordinary things like spinning flying saucer bubbles, square bubbles filled with fog, and bubble chains that look like centipedes. The bubblelicious magic starts at 11 a.m. [7x7]

FREE ADMISSION: The Contemporary Jewish Museum has made it a tradition: free Target Family Day on Christmas! If you don't celebrate the holiday and can't find anything to do, or if you do celebrate and you just enjoy seeing awesome art and exhibits for free, join the museum this Friday. You can even meet some of your favorite Wild Things characters at the Sendak on Sendak exhibit.

MERRY XMAS, SPACE COWBOY: Dear anime fans, if you're up late at night this Christmas and you need a dose of action packed, interplanetary bounty hunting, join the Bridge Theater for a Cowboy Bebop Christmas Night Movie Marathon. The event kicks off around midnight, giving plenty of time for the present-unwrapping weary to rest.

A WRENCH AND A BASS: Are you aware that the grease-covered dude at Jiffy Lube could be the next Miles Davis? If not, come meet the Jazz Mechanics. The trio burst onto the scene from their San Jose machine shop and are now expanding the genre of improvisational music with their original works. Enjoy a free performance at the Hotel De Anza. [funcheapSF]

TIME FOR A HOEDOWN: Grab your ten gallon hat and your best boots, because there's a free Line Dancing Class this Saturday. The instructor has created a fun way to learn the steps, which combine western cowboy dance, salsa, cha-cha, hip-hop, and even Kung-Fu techniques. Wear some comfy clothes when you mosey on down to the Berryessa Branch Library at noon. [Artsopolis]

DREAMING OF AN ICED CHRISTMAS: We may never have a white Christmas out here in the Bay Area, but we can have an Iced out one this year. Visit the Cartier and America exhibition at the Legion of Honor and you will be astounded by jewelry and works of art from the private collection of Cartier.

CHRISTMAS: Enjoy the Holiday, Bay Area!

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