15-Year-Old Drummer Wows Rickshaw Stop Crowd

Ok we will admit it – we were already suckers for the multi-drum thing, which proggy Seattle-based band Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band appeared to have pulled off without a hitch last night at the Rickshaw Stop. Hey, we all got to get in touch with our inner-hippie from time to time… What made last night's performance even more impressive, however, was the drum work of the band's primary percussionist, Marshall Verdoes. The step-brother of bandleader Benjamamin Verdoes, Marshall is known to absolutely dominate the skins at each show. Even more impressive? The dude is 15 years old!

Here's to Marshall, a constant reminder of our wasted youth... sigh. (Thanks to tweeter @heatherquiz for the hipster-friendly pic).

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