5 Things The Niners Need to do to Beat The Rams

It's rematch time tonight

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Unleash The Running Backs!
nIn last Sunday’s game against Seattle, QB Brian Hoyer averaged an abysmal 3.6 yards per passing attempt (more on that later). You don’t have to be a scientist to realize that running the ball might be the better option against the Rams. Especially when you’ve got Carlos Hyde, who’s currently ranked fourth in the NFL with 169 yards this season. Of those yards earned, Hyde ran for 124 against Seattle last week. In comparison, the Rams allowed 229 yards in their loss to Washington. You do the math…
Sack Goff Often and Early
nWhile Jared Goff might have got his NFL career off to a rough start during his rookie season last year, the Novato, California native is looking much sharper in 2017. Still, the Rams’ Quarterback and last year’s number one draft pick has a tendency to get rattled, especially when he’s been sacked. As 49ers defensive lineman DeForest Buckner — who got the better of Goff in several big games during their college careers — puts it: “Jared Goff, he kind of gets rattle a little bit when you make your presence known early.”
Hoyer needs to Step His Game up
nSpeaking of quarterbacks, Brian Hoyer will need to seriously up his game if the 49ers want to walk away with Thursday night's game against the Rams. Sure, last Sunday’s matchup with Seattle wasn’t an abject disaster, but Hoyer — who cmpleted just 15-of-27 throws for 99 yards — didn’t hold up his end of the bargain after the 49ers defense did a solid job holding the Seahawks to 12 points. For Hoyer’s part, he knows what he needs to do. “I have to execute,” he said. “For me, I’m looking at myself right now. What can I do to help this team win?”
Improve Interior Offense
nIts no secret that there’s a serous problem at the interior of the Niners' offensive line. And if we had to pinpoint that problem we’d zero in on Zane Beadles, who’s been giving up hurries and sacks and generally playing sloppily all season. Either Beadles needs to improve or be benched, with the Niners looking to Laken Tomlinson to make key left guard plays instead.
Stop Todd Gurley
nA big part of the Rams' offense this season is Todd Gurley, who's been averaging 116 yards from scrimmage. The Niners' defensive line will need to keep the running back in check on Thursday if they hope to come out on top. Sammy Watkins also poses a threat, especially if Goff can start throwing deep and connecting with him. The 49ers definitely don’t want that happening this Thursday. Meaning the corners need to stay all over Watkins to prevent the receiver from scoring his first touchdown of the season and as a Ram.
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