50th Anniversary of The Great Escape From Alcatraz

People close to the case reveal their theories about the fugitives.

Monday marks 50 years since anyone has ever escaped from Alcatraz.

No one knows what really happened to the three bank robbers after they made it off the "Rock" half a century ago. But, on Monday people close to the case will share their theories at a media-only event.

Here's a little background: On June 11, 1962, inmates Frank Morris, 35, John Anglin, 32, and his brother Clarence Anglin, 31 vanished from the island. The men had spent months digging with spoons through a wall 8 inches thick, covering their tracks with camouflaged cardboard.

On the night of their escape, the men put dummies in their beds, shimmied through the holes and scaled two fences topped with barbed wire. Once past prison walls, the fugitives launched a raft made of 50 raincoats into the San Francisco Bay.

 Guards sounded the alarm at 7:15 the next morning.

Some say the raft was found on Angel Island. A paddle was found in the Bay.

The fugitives were never found.

To mark the anniversary of their escape, two sisters and nephews of the Anglin brothers will travel to Alcatraz. They will be joined by U.S. Marshals and a former guard for a panel discussion Monday open only to the media.

The fugitives, if they are out there, are now in their mid 80s.

More about the Anglin brothers from their sister who believes they are still on the run today.

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