6 Things Apple Didn't Announce But Should Soon

Apple came out swinging with plenty of big announcements: a relaunch of Apple TV, some nice new iPods, and even a social networking service. Still, there are plenty of things Apple didn't — perhaps even failed — to make official. Here are six of those.

Cloud storage for iTunes

This was probably the biggest heartbreaker today: no cloud storage for iTunes. In fact, to a lot of minds, clouding up iTunes was the next logical step for Apple. Instead, we got a new logo and a social networking service called Ping.

Hell, it doesn't even have to be your entire library, it'd just be nice if you could earmark part of your music collection of so that you could access it anywhere. At a friend's house and his music sucks? Hey, no worries — I'm just going to be a jerk and log into my own iTunes. Bippity-bam! Good jams!

Smaller MacBook Air

The MacBook Air is due a serious refresh one of these days. It's kind of silly: Apple, who declared netbooks dead and useless, came out with something that could really only be construed as a netbook amongst Apple's MacBook line.

Sure, maybe it's a little more powerful. Maybe it's masterfully engineered. At the end of the day, it still hovers somewhere between the power of a laptop and the cheapness of a sheet of paper, and that makes it a darn netbook. So why not just take it all the way and make it small like one?

White iPhone 4

Where in the world are the white iPhone 4s? Steve Jobs himself promised them at the end of July. It's now the end of August. I don't know about you, but showing up to the party over a month late never did me any favors.

Now with rumors of an iPhone 4 with a revised antenna swirling around, some people think the alternatively colored iPhone 4 may ride in like Apple's white knight, using a change of paint to help consumers stomach the purchase.

Apps for Apple TV

Apple TV got some much-needed content and even some support from Netflix — which, in a way, could be considered the "Netflix app for Apple TV." Still, we've seen what kind of crazy fun developers can have in the iPhone, iPod and iPad space. How about we let them loose on TVs, too?

You know what? Scratch that. With Apple's closed developing mentality, maybe we'll just push for apps on Google TV instead. Yeah, we said it!

Verizon iPhone

Okay, obviously Apple didn't announce this. If the company did, the blog world would have been wracked by a megaton nuke of a news item and everyone and their sister would have known. Is the iPhone going to stay on AT&T forever? It's doubtful. Maybe it's just a case of sour grapes as it was Verizon who rejected the iPhone originally.

Something entirely new

Sure, it's a little soon to expect Cupertino's finest to crank out something entirely different so soon after the iPad — though, really, it didn't take them that long to move on from the iPhone. The rumor mill was actually rumbling rather loudly that something new could be on the way, as a file containing something simply labeled "unknown product" was found shortly before Apple's event. Could be it was just the new Apple TV, though the descriptor for the unknown item read: "Unknown- Add device descriptor info for this device." (If it was an iPod, for instance, that line would have simply read iPod.)

Shot in the dark? Sure. But who doesn't want to get a peek at what Apple's next great tech toy is going to be? If you'll excuse me, I'm going to hit up the bars — that's a good a place as any to find the answers I seek.

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