Supersonic Disk Necklace

Plus, recession fashionistas and the New People media frenzy

'80S JEWELRY: There were plenty of things about the 80s that weren't awesome, but neon clothes and accessories don't fall into that category. If you need further convincing of that point, take a look at the Supersonic Disk Necklace ($38) from East Bay designer Kitschy C. We imagine wearing this with a solid black T-shirt for an even bigger visual impact.

BIKE BAGS: There's nothing more inspiring than seeing people use the recession as a reason to start their own business. In a great profile from Streetsblog SF, author Matthew Roth looks at Lisa Marie Grillos who combined her love of fashion and biking in an awesome way after she got laid off from Williams Sonoma.

MORE NEW PEOPLE: People across the country are freaking out over New People, the Harajuku-themed retail experience we talked about last week. Everyone from the LA Times to the Chronicle seemed to visit it this weekend, and while we haven't made the trip yet we are developing a serious hankering for Gothic Lolita fashion.

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