9/27: From American Idol to 70s Flashbacks

Carrie Underwood and Hall and Oates

Getty Images

From "American Idol" to Tony Romo to the stage at the HP Pavilion in San Jose, country starlet Carrie Underwood has done it all. The "Jesus Take the Wheel" hit maker will bring her song and dance, literally, to the Shark Tank tonight. Tickets are still available.

If Adam Sandler was in town and he wasn't famous he would be the first in line to get tickets to tonight's Hall and Oates show. That is of course if the old timers decided to rip a page out of Bob Dylan's playbook and try to sell a show out without the convenience of convenience fees. But they haven't. The classic 1970s era soul duo will play the home of the throwbacks, the Mountain Winery tonight at 7:30 and tickets are still available.

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