A Block Party on Outer Judah Street

Bay Area fashionista introduces us to Judah at the Beach

The General Store

What started out as a simple review of The General Store on outer Judah Street in San Francisco has morphed to an expose of one of the most intriguing areas of our spectacular city.

Best described as Judah at the Beach, the several blocks are tantamount to a seaside village on the outskirts of an urban hub.

It’s a side by side collection of eclectic storefronts brushing up against each other for support, strength and vitality. Truly an ongoing block party!

The General Store all by itself is worth a visit to the outer Sunset District. Owners Serena Mitnik-Miller and Mason St Peter have conceptualized and created an attractive atmosphere with intrigue and curiosity in mind as well as marketing.

The symbolic architectural shapes run the gamut from graceful circles to alluring arches.  The merchandise mix includes useful household items, jewelry created by local designers, practical innovative garden accessories, fascinating books with a bit of vintage tossed into the flux.

Specifically, the bike bags by Rivendale, actually very versatile totes and a collection of mesmerizing terrariums by a local artisan contributes to the overall scheme. Not to be missed is the newly created backyard and greenhouse by Jesse Schlesinger.

Other must stops along the way include:

1. Trouble Coffee Co. with their own line of statement t-shirts as well as robust coffees and yummy lattes
2. Outerlands is always a must for delicious homemade five-star food fit for a feast or a nibble. It is located right on the corner of Judah and 45th Avenue.

3. Outer Avenues Natural Food Store. Plan to browse for a while.
4. Beach Burrito. Check out the murals while contemplating a burrito combo to go.
5. Tuesday Tattoo Parlor. Catering to the novice as well as the experienced "tatt-eed."

The General Store - 4035 Judah Street - San Francisco - 415-682-0600  - www.visitgeneralstore.com

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