City Eyes Commuter Cash

San Francisco's Civic Center is a pretty busy place on a workday.

A sea of cars makes for a slow ride coupled with a lot of carbon emissions.

City leaders would like to reduce the steady stream of cars that flows into the area around City Hall and the courthouses so they're considering a congestion toll.

That means, during peak hours, a driver would have to pay to pass into a section of town. 

The Golden Gate Bridge and Bay Bridge would be other entry points into the city that could include a toll.

Driving into the downtown area or South of Market business area could also cost you.

The Chronicle says a meeting tomorrow will consider pricing scenarios and toll-zone locations. 

San Francisco would be the first U.S. city to implement congestion tolling if it comes to be.

London and Singapore are already doing it---a camera takes a photo of a car's license plate and then the driver pays. 

Business groups balk at the idea, saying in these tough economic times customers need to be encouraged, not discouraged, to come to their stores.   

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