A Farewell to the Transbay Terminal

San Francisco's Transbay Terminal will close Aug. 7, to make way for a $4 billion dollar sleek new terminal. Take a tour of the building before it goes away.

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Joe Rosato Jr.
An exterior view of the Transbay Terminal which opened in 1939, during the Depression. In its glory days the terminal saw 100,000 travelers pass through each day.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Original wooden benches fill the grand hall of the terminal. Long-time workers say people used to come to sit in the benches and eat lunch. These days, they're more commonly used by the homeless as beds.
Joe Rosato Jr.
The long-closed Cuddles bar was once a popular stopover for travelers on the go. The bar still looks as though one could belly-up for a drink.
Joe Rosato Jr.
The old shoeshine stand inside the terminal. Long-time Transbay Terminal employee Steve O'Brien said he remembers getting his shoes shine by an old Italian named Sammy. O'Brien said the shine was a quarter. "Gave them a heckuva good shine," O'Brien remembered.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Steve O'Brien started working at the terminal in June of 1958. He ended-up working there for 51 years. He said he's a bit nostalgic for the glory days of the terminal. As far as its pending demolition: "I kind of hate to see it but i guess that's what they call progress," he said.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A couple of travlers walk down one of the terminal's old staircases.
Joe Rosato Jr.
An old jail cell where C.H.P. used to place detainees.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Crowds of people turn out for tours inside the terminal. Caltrans wanted to give people a last chance to look around. One Caltrans official said he expected about 10 people to show up. Instead, hundreds turned out for a last look around.
A traveler walks by a Muni bus parked outside the terminal. On August 7th, all bus traffic will move to a temporary terminal at Howard and Main Streets.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A tour guide displays a picture from the terminal's glory days.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A Muni bus passes through the terminal to pick up passengers. The terminal originally housed trains and railcars which extended across the Bay Bridge.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A pair of travelers study a transit schedule inside the Transbay Terminal.
Joe Rosato Jr.
Visitors in the terminal watch a movie on the Transbay Terminal inside the old terminal diner.
A sign inside the terminal ticket office gives a final message to travelers. The terminal will shut for good on August 7th.
Joe Rosato Jr.
A view of the old wooden benches inside the Transbay Terminal. Caltrans hopes to save some of the artifacts in the old terminal, to display in the new one.
Joe Rosato jr.
Travelers descend the old stairs inside the terminal.
Joe Rosato jr.
A view of the Transbay Terminal from Mission Street. The terminal will close for good August 7th.
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