A New Love Line

And unfortunately we're not talking about Dr. Drew's radio show

Everyone's favorite hardly sober celebrity nutjob, Courtney Love, is designing a clothing line. You'd think the poor thing has already had enough embarrassment, right?

According to UK's Grazia, Love's pal, Peaches Geldof, Tweeted this indispensable fashion news nugget while the two were reportedly having a hotel slumber party. We're sure they had a nice, innocent night of drinking soda, eating candy and prank-calling cute boys.

Considering Love consistently looks like she got dressed in the dark and then was fed through a shredder while being attacked by one of those leaf-blower thingies, we're rather interested to see what sort of, um, creations she dreams up. Apparently cashmere harem pants and ribbed cotton bodysuits are already in the works, which is great because it's about time we replaced our spandex bodysuit from American Apparel with something a tad classier.

Although Love's people have confirmed the line, they have withheld information about styles, prices and the date of its debut. Maybe it's better that we don’t know.

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