A Work Out Towel To Get You Moving

Plus, colorful stone pendants and a silhouette necklace

STICKS AND STONES: Since our culture is obsessed with shiny rocks, it's nice to see some stone jewelry in a more organic form. Take for instance, this rich, blue Spessartine Garnet necklace by Jessica Winzelberg Jewelry, 11th from the left. [SF Indie Fashion]

LET'S GET PHYSICAL: The weather's getting colder and colder, making it that much more of a chore to get up and exercise. Let one of these motivational workout towels by Words to Sweat By get you moving! With phrases like 10 more reps and the cupcake is history, doing that circuit will be a piece of (cup) cake.

BLISS IN THE BRANCHES: Tina Tarnoff has a collection of gorgeous black and white prints, now you can get their delicate darkness in jewelry form. The Autumn Kiss Necklace features her Autumn Kiss print set into a gorgeous antiqued silver pendant base.


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