Adventures in Shilling: Mercury, Mee Heong, La Mar, More

Join us for another edition of Adventures in Shilling, wherein we celebrate the grossest shills from around the world wide web. As always, you too can help fight shills.

Today we have a fine selection chosen from our own backyard, Chowhound, and naturally, the shilling cesspool better known as Yelp. Leading off, a commenter who is glad to hear about the latest SoMa location of What's Up Dog but wants to go to Mercury ... right now!:

Glad to hear about their expansion in the SOMA area but what's up with dissing the other new spot, Mercury? I heard that they are new to the area, too. Read their reviews on Yelp, checked out their menu and people seem to enjoy their food, which is totally different from What's Up Dog. This makes me want to check out Mercury now!
Shill Probability: 72%

Up next, a first-time, only-time Chowhound threadjacks a pair of conversations to randomly toss the name of a tiny Chinatown bakery into the ring with the likes of Zuni and Zachary's. We will say, however, that unlike most slimy shills, these are almost cute, hence the mention:

I say the best chinese rest/bakery in SF would be... Mee Heong Bakery its small pop and son bakery with the best spare rib or chicken over rice you can have (very cheap). or Y Ben for dim sum its on Jackson and powell... they are very cheap and good.

here is one place you must try...its a pop and son bakery and they have the best and cheapest spare ribs over rice, buns and chicken over rice as well. They run the place like home and they are great people. it may seem like a hole in the wall but it is the best place for cheap eats and great service with a smile...
they are located on the outskirt of chinatown:
Mee Heong Bakery
1343 Powell Street
San Francisco, CA 94133
(415) 781-3266
Shill Probability: taken together, 84%

Another suspiciously-random suggestion went down in the comments of the Dino's/Pizzeria Delfina post. Keep in mind, at this point in the comments, people were just having a friendly conversation about how the two pizza joints differ and will coexist on the same Pac Heights block. Then, out of nowhere:

Not in this nabe, but my vote for bets pizza goes to the new pizzeria "Tony Tutto's" in Mill Valley. While the name may be a bit corny, the pies are better than Delfina or anything I have had outside of Naples. All organic and all vegetarian featuring the best cheeses and little cherry tomatoes and fresh basil & rosemary Tony grows on the deck. Be prepared to wait if it is prime time, as ever order is made by Tony with loving care. Nice prices on good vino too!
Shill Probability: 89%

Finally, for a change of pace, we present an anti-shill from one very bitter ex-would-be employee at La Mar Cebicheria:

I am giving the perspective of a potential employee. I felt that the effort put forth by this 3rd rate seafood salad pit stop is garbage on the plate. I can also say their service at the BAR and on the dining room floor was weak and unprofessional. It is a blessing I was am part of this faculty because I would hate to be the one to tell guests why the food/service was so crappy. La Mar is a pricey and unfunny joke played on the savoy culinary tastes of San Francisco. I can't wait to see them close or at least be replaced by a decent restaurant.
Shill Probability: 95%

There are few things more entertaining than a lover scorned, particularly when said lover has a Yelp account.
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