All in Favor

Favor's funky jewelry is designed and manufactured in-house

You know how there's nothing better than buying a cookie that's still warm from the bakery oven? Favor in the Russian Hill district offers jewelry that comes straight out of the studio in the back of the store.

Favor also uses food to display its 1930's inspired pieces. Platters and cake pedestals are lined with dry lentils, rice, and split peas, creating an earthy showcase for carved resin rings and pins in a multitude of colors. A tall metal branch drips with bold necklaces and chunky bracelets like condensation on a carafe of lemonade.

The store came about when owner/designer Caramia Visick discovered a vintage poster from the 1930’s. It’s original purpose was to promote the French motorcycle company, Favor.

"How can I justify buying this?" Caramia asked herself. The answer: "I’ll buy the poster, open a store, name it Favor and use the image as the logo." Opened October 2008

Since Caramia already owned Hotcakes, a successful jewelry design and manufacturing company launched in 2001, the timing was right. The cohabiting concept was a natural since bakelite jewelry and Favor motorcycles were both so popular in the 1930’s. Favor officially opened its doors in October 2008.

Prices generally run from $30 to $60.

Check out Favor at 2420 Polk Street in San Francisco. (415) 563-2741

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