Amon Tobin's ISAM Experience in S.F.

After blowing away European and Canadian crowds throughout the spring, Brazalian-bred electronic experimentalist Amon Tobin today finally revealed plans to take his uber-buzzed ISAM tour to San Francisco. Eloquently described by Wired as a "mind[explicit] of the highest order," the visually-driven set revolves around a massive 25′ x 14′ x 8′ 3D installation that appears to almost rival the sheer epicness of Daft Punk's famed Alive 2007 pyramid. In the above clip, watch Bay Area-based set designer Alex Lazarus and his team get in-depth regarding the inner-workings of the massive cubic experience, which is set to takeover the Warfield on October 1st. And just to ensure you are fully prepared for the oncoming visual and aural onslaught, get full preview of the tour's accompanying bass-heavy, avant-leaning audio piece -- complete with track-by-track commentary -- over at Amon Tobin's Soundcloud page.

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