Annoying Alarm Clock Hurls a Ball Your Way to Get You Out of Bed

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With most alarm clocks it's far too easy to hit that snooze button repeatedly, meaning that eventually you're going to be late for work. So the Aphelion clock concept makes you do a little work for your extra minutes of rest, by forcing you to retrieve the ball it just flung at you, returning it to its holder to activate the snooze function.

Other than clobbering you with a ball at 7am, the rest of the Aphelion's features are pretty standard stuff, with a radio and MP3 player input, and a nice big time display.

I just hope that the ball isn't too heavy, something like that could hurt if it hit you in the wrong spot.

For now the Aphelion is just a concept, so I guess your partner will still have to do the prodding to get you out of bed.

Via, The Design Blog

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