Annual Public File EEO Report

KNTV and KSTS afford equal opportunity in employment to all qualified persons and does not discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, national origin or sex.
In addition to adhering to federal nondiscrimination requirements, NBC is a subsidiary of the General Electric Company and complies with its internal policies which also forbid discrimination based on race, color, religion, national origin, sex (including pregnancy), sexual orientation, age, disability, veteran status or any other characteristics protected by law.
As part of this commitment, KNTV and KSTS comply with relevant Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regulations.  The station's compliance requires us to post the Annual Public File EEO Report, along with the attached Job Vacancy Recruitment Source Data Form.
To read the full report, go to the 2009 FCC Public File Report.
These reports can also be found in the KNTV Public File.
Organizations that distribute information about employment opportunities to job seekers may request notices of new full-time vacancies at KNTV and KSTS by contacting the stations Human Resources Department at (408) 432-4580 for a copy of the form.

Call Sign of Station (s):    KNTV and KSTS

1.    List all full-time job vacancies filled by any station covered by this report during the past year (For August 1, 2008- July 31, 2009)
Account Executive (4)
Lifestyle Editor Web
News Editor Web
Managing Editor Web
Digital Content Lead
Customer Service Representative
Video Journalist
Vice President of Sales
Director of Sports Sales

2.    For each vacancy listed, attach to this report the relevant and completed Recruitment Source Data Form.

3.    In total, how many interviewees did the station (or station group) interview for all the full-time job vacancies identified in response to question 1?  38

4.    In total, how many persons interviewed by the station for any of the above-listed job vacancies were referred to the station from each of the recruitment sources used by the station? Please provide this information in the matrix form.

Name of Recruitment Source and Total Number of Interviewees
NBC Bay 5 10
Craig’s list: 4
Employee Referral: 14
Internal: 3
GE Careers: 7

5.    Please summarize the station’s (or station group’s) broad outreach initiatives during the past year. Please identify each initiative in which the stations substantially participated; the date(s) of each initiative; the names and titles of the station personnel who participated in each initiative; and a short summary of the nature and extent of the stations’ participation in each initiative.

Annual Public Report-Broad Outreach

I.    Internships and Education

1.)    College Internship Program: Fall 2008- Summer 2009

Total Students:
        Programming & CS:
Description: KNTV and KSTS College Internship Program offers a wide range of internship opportunities for students interested in careers in broadcasting. Our internship program provides students practical skills through hands-on assignments working with talented broadcast professionals who are willing to share their knowledge. Students have the opportunity to work in news, operations, sales, programming/creative services, finance, and human resources. Students receive college credit for participating in this program.

Participating Staff:

2.)    EMMA Bowen Foundation Internship:

Total Students:    1

Description: Emma Bowen Foundation Intern Program was established by the media industry to help increase access to permanent job opportunities for minority students. The Foundation’s program is unlike other intern programs in that students work for a partner company during summers and school breaks from the end of their junior year in high school until they graduate from college. During that five-year period, students have an opportunity to learn many aspects of corporate operations and develop company-specific skills. NBC has the opportunity to guide and develop minority students with the option of permanent placement upon completion of their college degree. Students in the program receive an hourly wage, as well as matching compensation, to help pay for college tuition and expenses. Mentoring from selected staff in the sponsoring company is also a key element of the program. NBC currently has had one intern participating in the program since 2001.

II.    Networking Conferences & Training

1.)    GE Hispanic Forum- Atlanta, GA: October 2008

2.)    RTNDA: Radio-Television News Directors Association- Las Vegas, NV: April 2009

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