Anti-Flag Takes Metro Operahouse

Punk band celebrates 20th anniversary

The members of the Pittsburgh punk band Anti-Flag are celebrating their 20th Anniversary with a West Coast tour that’ll feature two very special Bay Area dates at Oakland’s Metro Operahouse on March 20-21.

Each night will feature a different set list featuring selections from five of Anti-Flag’s 10 album strong discography. Thus, over the course of the two shows, fans will get an overview of the group’s entire body of work and will have a chance to hear rarer cuts alongside the more familiar ones.

The first night will feature songs from Anti-Flag’s first album, Die For the Government (1996), and their most recent one, the Occupy Wall Street-inspired General Strike (2012). The program will also feature cuts from A New Kind of Army, Mobilize, and The People or The Gun. The second show will feature select titles from: Their System Doesn’t Work for You, Underground Network, The Terror State, For Blood and Empire and The Bright Lights of America.

Anti-Flag have a long history of activism and have been staunch supporters of organizations such as Democracy Now, Amnesty International, Greenpeace and PETA. On February 8th of this year they released a recording of Amnesty International’s 50th Anniversary anthem “Toast To Freedom.” The group recorded it as a tribute to the five imprisoned members of the Russian feminist punk collective Pussy Riot. All proceeds go to the human rights organization.

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