Rotten Apple? Jobs Announcement Rattles Online World

Apple's decision to pull out of the annual Macworld confab -- and Steve Jobs' decisioin to appear this year -- is making waves around the online world.

InformationWeek reported Wednesday that the moves are not related to the health of the company's famous CEO.

"Our reliable sources, which we spoke with this fall, indicated that Jobs is cancer free," said Charles Wolf, who watches Apple for Needham & Co.

Meanwhile, CNET concluded this year's event would mean no big splash, since Jobs would not be there.

ComputerWorld reported Wednesday that Apple has announced 2009 would be its last year at the Paris Mac Expo as well, sending shockwaves through the European Mac community.

MSNBC released an analysis Wednesday talking about how nobody wants to see a Jobs-less Apple.

Wired goes so far as to propose that a leadership shift is underway.

And our good friend, CNBSC Silicon Valley Bureau Chief Jim Goldman was one of the first to report, nearly a day ago, that politics, not pancreas, is the reason for the Jobs Macworld Exit.

The Jobs decision certainly is setting off alarm bells. Hopefully it is simply a sign Apple doesn't have any great new products to promote, not a statement about Jobs health.

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