Apple Secures Geo-Location Patent

Apple is working on creating an easier road trip by relying on a more accurate way for a handheld to find out where you are. Apple was granted a patent to create better geo-location in its iOS devices using a more accurate magnetometer.

The patent means that Apple will not only use the Earth's magnetic field to locate where a handheld maybe, but also base one's location on the position of the iOS device "with respect to the earth," according to Patently Apple. The new patent is supposed to mean smoother road trips and enabling users to find tourist attractions easier.

Apple also won a patent to use a pen-and-ink engine enabling uses to take written notes, with handwriting recognition software, on an iOS device.

It's a good idea that Apple is looking to better its geo-locations systems because even something as mundane as an infinitesimal improvement can give the company a lead over Android or another handheld maker. That's how companies keep on top of trends and the market.

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