Architect Hoards “Exuberance” for the Transbay Transit Center

Just in time to put some more serious wordage to last week's serious render action of the Transbay Transit Center!

The New York Times ran a 1,200-word writeup Sunday on the biggest thing to so far not happen to San Francisco: the Transbay Transit Center, meant to replace the "squat, malodorous building" we call the Transbay Terminal.

There isn't a ton of new stuff, but architect Cesar Pelli chimes in to say that he kept the 1,000-foot tower simple so he could leave "the exuberance of the design for the transit center, which is meant to be an extraordinary public facility."

No kidding.

Anyway, the crux of the story, or any story about the Transbay Transit Center really, is how it's all going to pan out, and how it's going to get itself paid for.

The story notes land sales were supposed to help fund the effort, but have been put off for now because the offers have been "shockingly low." Good thing the second, Caltrain phase doesn't even start until 2014.

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