Ask Curbed: Common Charges Not So Common?

In need of guidance, oh wayward one? Turn to the oracle that is the Ask Curbed SF inbox. We'll burden the masses with your problems, and they, our all-knowing readers, will command thee.

Turns out "full service" just doesn't mean what it once did. These are tough times, people. But just how tough? From the inbox:

"We live in a full service condominium and the condo board has just implemented a service charge for basic maintenance services (unclogging sinks, toilets, showers, etc). We already pay significant common charges that previously covered these services. Is this common practice?"

So, readers: is it time to break out the Drain-O, or should our condo-dwellers be questioning this new price hike? [Curbed Inbox]For more stories from Curbed SF, go to

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