Bacontini San Francisco’s Newest Hip Cocktail

The Oakland Outlaws, an all-woman roller derby team, hooked up with local gold medalist and South Park character Brian Boitano for a reality TV shoot where the ladies fed Boitano "Bacontinis," a cocktail of bacon infused booze.

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John Hancock
Bacontini shots are lined up and ready for shooting, complete with bacon garnish.
John Hancock
Meet the "Bacontini," a cocktail that consists of bacon infused bourbon, garnished with bacon and orange rind, served as a shot, or in a martini glass.
John Hancock
Chesty Gillespie, Oakland Outlaw #34DD, prepared the drinks for the night. Here Gillespie pours some bacon infused bourbon into a pitcher. She said she used bourbon instead of vodka for the 'Bacontini' because "the vodka doesn't pick up the charcoal taste of the bacon like the bourbon will."
Josh Keppel
The night's guest, Brian Boitano (SF's only Olympic gold medalist and South Park character), watches as Chesty prepares the drinks.
John Hancock
Boitano and Gillespie talk specifics while the Bay Area Derby Girls roller derby league fills up Pop's on 24th Street for an after party following a Richmond Wrecking Belles win over the Oakland Outlaws on Saturday, April 4th, 2009.
Josh Keppel
UK scientists have recently proven that there is a chemical reaction called the Maillard reaction that happens when bacon is cooked. The amino acid and sugar in the meat react to release a huge amount of smells and flavors sending signals to our brain making us crave a taste.
Josh Keppel
"Here's to the Bacontini! Cheers!"
Josh Keppel
Brian Boitano is shooting a reality TV series for the Food Network and the second episode will be with the Bay Area Derby Girls and it will focus on bacon. The show should air in the summer.
Brian Boitano (right) talks to his friend Gordon who looks down at the daunting line of shots set up just below their drinks.
Josh Keppel
The segment producer Rivkah Medow talks to Boitano as the film crew ready for the next shot.
Josh Keppel
Zach "I had a bacon donut this morning" Hoon (right) had to give up his seat at the bar for the crew to shoot, but he was excited to hear about the bacon cocktail.
Rounds and rounds of bacontinis were prepared and consumed through the course of the night. After the camera crew left, Boitano stayed to hang out with the derby girls and when I asked him what he thought of this new cocktail he said, "It's good, I'm still drinking it!
Josh Keppel
Pop's Bar on 24th Street near Potrero Ave. was packed after the roller derby girls arrived. Are you in this photo? If so, leave a comment with directions of where to find you...
misty miller
Another round of shots gets readied. The bacon that had been infused lost most of its bacon taste, so eating it was kinda funny because the unique bacon texture was the same, but the taste was mostly gone.
Josh Keppel
Lisa Adlao (on the right with black hair and a drink in hand) loved this drink and had a lot to say about it: "It's a strange drink that actually has soul. It is something you should drink with people you know and love, and want to share and celebrate life with. People are super lucky to receive this." I'll say!
Demanda Riot (left) of the Richmond Wrecking Belles gives the drink a try for the cameras.
Josh Keppel
As soon as Regina Sinsky heard that there were bacontinis being served at Pop's, she whipped out her iphone and started twittering away: "Bacon martini @ Pop's."
NBC New York
Chesty Gillespie, the mixologist for the night, takes a sample of her creation.
Josh Keppel
SF's Olympic gold medalist and South Park character Brian Boitano hooked up with the Oakland Outlaw roller derby team for a Food Network reality TV show focused on bacon. Here Boitano tastes the "Bacontini" a cocktail of bacon infused bourbon.
Josh Keppel
J Crush of the Richmond Wrecking Belles was also a fan of the Bacontini.
Josh Keppel
Brian Boitano plans to invite the Oakland Outlaws over to his house for a multi-course bacon meal to finish out the TV segment.
Josh Keppel
Boitano shows off a piece of bacon.
Chesty Gillespie, #34DD, our hero!
Getty Images
Looks like it fits right in. After having a Bacontini, I've seen pictures of chocolate covered bacon, bacon apple pie with bacon ice cream and bacon baklava, and at a party I went to last weekend there was bacon peanut brittle that was really tasty.
Friskie Meow of the Richmond Wrecking Belles shows what can happen after having a few too many bacontinis.
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