Bay Area Startup Supports Music Designers

Thread Council seeks funding on Kickstarter

Local T-shirt startup Thread Council is hoping music fans will want to support the original work of a group of talented graphic designers who have designed iconic images for some of the biggest musical artists in the world. While their works are well-known, the names behind them are not as recognized.

A Kickstarter campaign aims to raise $50,000 to help with production costs of releasing new designs on a monthly basis. Artists involved with Thread Council include Josh Elowsky, who has designed for bands like the Pogues, Misfits, and Def Leppard; Linzi Rigby, who is behind images for Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, and the Rolling Stones; and Jeff Boozer, who has created visuals for Prince, Aerosmith, and Green Day.

At press time, the project has received approximately 45 percent of its goal funding, with six days to go in the campaign.

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