Be a Spy and Look Good Doing It

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This shirt isn't trying to hide the fact that it's all about spies.

I mean, you've got your James-Bond-looking-dude right up front there, and the words "From Tokyo With Love" paying even more homage to 007. The big secret? The camera that James-Bond-dude is holding actually works.

It works, and you control it. It's not a video camera, but instead one that you activate with a remote you can keep in your pocket — one that'll vibrate so you know when you've captured a snap. The camera is capable of storing 150 photos you can toss onto a computer via USB later, and it takes three AAA batteries to keep it going. We would have liked to see some rechargeable solution, but then maybe it'd be more than the already pricey $40.

ThinkGeek, via PCWorld

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